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Canada International Conference on Education (CICE-2014)

June 16-19, 2014

Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia, Canada

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The CICE has been a prime international forum for both researchers and industry practitioners to exchange the latest fundamental advances in the state of the art and practice, Pedagogy, Arts, History, Open Learning, Distance Education, Math and Science Educution, ICT, Language Learning, Education (Early Year, Secondary, Post-Secondary and Higher), E-Learning, and identify emerging research topics.


Invited Workshop

Invited Workshop

Tic Tac Toe Math: An Alternative Techniques for Individuals Who have Learning Disabilities


The 90 minute workshop will provide participants with:
- a rationale for using alternative instructional techniques with individuals who have learning disabilities;
- a description and demonstration of Tic Tac Toe Math* for completing multiplication, division, fraction and percentage problems;
- a discussion of the pros and cons of using such alternative techniques.

*Tic Tac Toe Math was created by the presenter and has been successfully used by adults and children for more than 25 years. The technique uses the familiar Tic Tac Toe pattern to substitute for rote memory of the times tables.

Objective and motivation

The objectives of the workshop are to:
- explore the alternative instructional technique of Tic Tac Toe Math for teaching basic math skills.
- discuss the pros and cons of alternative instructional techniques.

The motivation for workshop participation is to:
- learn to use a successful alternative math technique that can replace the usual drill and practice model.
- learn about an alternative technique that appears to match the way that individuals with learning difficulties process information.
- explore the implications for conducting outcomes based research on the use of this technique.


Richard Cooper, Learning Specialist, Center for Alternative Learning, USA


Accepted Workshops

Workshop 1

Integrating Time Management, Reading, and Note Taking Strategies into the Postsecondary Classroom


Are you concerned about the students who are arriving at college and university without the skills required to be successful learners? Research on learning and our own experiences as teachers tell us that effective time management, note taking, and reading skills are critical to student learning, success, and retention. But, how do we integrate these skills into our post-secondary lectures without taking time away from the content we must teach? In this workshop participants will learn how to seamlessly integrate time management, reading and note taking strategies into their lectures and/or curriculum.

Objective and motivation

Explore effective time management, notetaking and reading strategies for teachers to incorporate in their postsecondary lectures and/or curriculum


Sarah Hunter, Georgian College, Ontario, Canada
Cindy Korpatnicki, Georgian College, Ontario, Canada

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